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As more employees and customers are interacting within the digital world, insurers are starting to prioritize digital tools, such as apps, as a primary means of accessing information about their customers.

You may be asking yourself, what could I possibly use an insurance app for? Claims are one area that an insurance app could greatly be of service. You can also use your phone to take pictures and shoot video right at the accident site, which can have a dramatic impact on claims management and fraud protection. Some insurance apps could even help score you discounts on your policy.

Here is a list just scraping the surface of the FREE insurance apps that are currently available:

Mobile Life Insurance Quotes – Lots of insurance companies offer their own quote apps, but what if you want to get estimates across multiple carriers? No need to work your way through 50 different companies’ apps. Just download Mobile Life Insurance Quotes! In a matter of clicks, agents can fill out client data, choose a product type and get quotes from more than 100 carriers. Want to customize your results list to include only the carriers you work with? Upgrading to a paid version will let you do just that.

Life & Health Agent Prep – Studying for a state life insurance exam could entail hours at your desk, heavy books and coffee breath. Or it could just mean flipping through this exam prep app while you’re in line at the grocery store, waiting for the bus or lounging on your couch. Life & Health Agent Prep helps agents get ready for state licensing exams with more than 500 multiple choice quiz questions, 575 electronic flashcards and a glossary with common terms and definitions. Learning modules are broken down by subject: life insurance, health insurance, taxation and retirement plans, and life and health acronyms. And if that’s not good enough, users can also create their own custom modules, flashcards and glossary content.

Security First Mobile –  Besides letting you manage your home insurance policy and report claims, this app features a Storm Center, which provides hurricane tracking, Red Cross emergency shelter locations, evacuation routes and links to disaster-recovery resources, as well as hurricane facts you should know. An interactive hurricane preparedness checklist helps you keep track of supplies as you shop.

Defend Your Income – It’s a must-have for anyone selling disability insurance. Produced by the Council for Disability Awareness, Defend Your Income is an educational game that puts users in a virtual dojo. There, they’re forced to fend off blows from attackers such as Cancer, Respiratory Disease and, Pregnancy Complications, whose nickname is “Special Delivery.” After each round, trivia questions and random facts help teach about the prevalence of disability. Other portions of the site let users gauge their disability likelihood and learn about steps they can take to protect themselves.

Insurance Discussions –  You are probably aware of Insurance Forums, the popular sites for agents seeking information and giving advice. This app lets you take and combine all those threads with you wherever you go.