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According to USA Today, the number of auto thefts has been on the rise in the last two years. This is backed up by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which found that auto theft has increased by slightly more than ten percent.

Thankfully, there are many clever minds focused on creating new protection methods. Here is a list of some of the best anti-theft devices available for your automobiles.

Wireless Anti-Theft Alarm

There’s always a wireless security alarm available for those looking for an additional level of alarm protection. These are easy to attach to the driver’s side door. Wireless alarms can be used in addition to or instead of a standard alarm.

Dash Cam 

Dashcams have been rising in popularity for years. They protect drivers on the road, as they provide an automatic record of everything going on. They also protect the drivers off the road, as one can easily set it to record while the car is off.

Steering Wheel Lock

Sometimes the simplest devices work the best. A steering wheel lock is exactly what it sounds like – a device that prevents the steering wheel from turning. This prevents thieves from removing the car from its parked location or delays any theft attempts. Best of all, this device is typically quite affordable.

GPS Trackers

Sometimes it isn’t possible to prevent a theft from occurring. However, investing in recovery tech will help tremendously. For example, many cars now have the option of having GPS tracking, which can be utilized upon the theft of a vehicle.

Hidden Kill Switch

Alternatively, one can install a hidden kill switch. This device is relatively cheap, though the cost of installation will vary. As the name implies, the kill switch will turn the car off, making it impossible for a thief to flee the area with the vehicle.

Wheel Lock

Another simple yet effective method of theft prevention is a universal wheel lock. These locks can look just like a clamp one would spot on a car with overdue tickets, which has the added benefit of discouraging theft on sight.

Warning Stickers and Signs

Experts say that most criminals are looking for crimes of opportunity – that is to say, the easiest thefts possible. They’re less inclined to break into a home or car that they know is protected for obvious reasons—as such, putting a sticker on one’s car warning of additional security measures may be enough to discourage lazier thieves.