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The automotive industry has changed by leaps and bounds over the past few decades, and it is due for even more change in the future. According to ABI Research, the transition from analog to digital cockpits will be in full swing by 2030.

Digital cockpits contain all-digital displays for dashboards – meaning that now would be a good time to say goodbye to all of those analog meters. Many lines have already begun to include digital displays as the standard, yet there is still room to grow.

Bigger, Better, Smarter

Newer generations of tech are getting bigger, better, and smarter every day. Before, users were used to the bare minimum of information getting passed along through the dashboard. 

These days? Those alerts go beyond speed and mileage, informing users about all aspects of the car, including when tires need new air. Heads-Up displays allow for even more communication, as they are remastered and expanded.

The trick, as with everything, is finding a balance between form and function. These displays must match the car design while still being intuitive for drivers. Else they risk causing a distraction, which in turn decreases safety. 

Current displays are already increasing in size, ranging somewhere between 10 and 12 inches for many uniques. The next big push will be to increase the definition of these units and what they can portray.

Health and Safety

There are many benefits that come with a digital cockpit are all of the safety measures. These measures include health services – indicators of the car’s health and maintenance. Some of these safety features are already well known – 360 camera monitoring, parking assistance, accident prevention, and more. However, certain companies are looking to take this one step further.

The future of health and safety will include the monitoring of not just cars but people. For example, Samsung’s Digital Cockpit will monitor the health status of drivers – from before they board.

This model will track stress levels and adjust the environment accordingly – altering the lights, scents, and music to help further relax drivers and encourage a safe environment. If this sounds like a thing of science fiction, remember that this is the reality that companies are trying to bring about over the next decade—one of many changes that will become commonplace sooner rather than later.