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Smart car technology is no longer simply the imaginings of a science fiction movie. There are some actual, real-life, factory-tested features that modern-day car models are already using on the open roads, and the primary motivation behind current car technology is safety, as opposed to horsepower, speed, or status. 

One way that technology is making us safer is by installing sensors in our cars that can detect drifting and other potential collision-causing actions. It does this by adding an extra set of eyes to our blind spot, then warning the driver if they are about to make contact with another vehicle. Drifting acts the same way, but the sensors follow the lines of the road to make sure the driver isn’t crossing over, out of their lane. 

Before cell phones, car deaths were mostly caused by drunk drivers or people falling asleep at the wheel. Today’s world has a much scarier threat. The number one cause of death while driving is now cell phone usage – whether it’s by you or an oncoming vehicle. Text-related accidents now account for over 3,000 deaths annually. To combat this, there are now apps and in-car tools that cut off wifi and tower signals once you reach speeds over 5 mph. This will not only make calls and texting impossible but it will also block the internet. 

There are also apps that send notifications and updates to parents about their teen’s activities and location. Ironically, parents who pressure their teens to have their phones with them at all times are also the ones forbidding the usage when it’s tempting to do so. For this reason, the same apps that update parents are also best used when simultaneously blocking the teen from using their cell phone in a moving vehicle.

The main caveat about any technology is that humans might become complacent by relying too heavily on the tech itself. As the driver of a multi-ton vehicle, you should always assume you need to stay at high-alert, regardless of any assistance. The optimal way of using car safety technology is to drive as if you have none at all and let it serve you as a backup resource.