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It’s safe to assume that we are still on the cusp of utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence. One of the trends that we will see a lot more of is smart car technology. Contrary to popular belief, however, not all tech is created equal. Just because something can be made, that doesn’t automatically mean it will be unanimously well-received. Some vehicle technologies are very popular with consumers, such as having an extra pair of eyes to help monitor the road and other drivers. On the other hand, others are seen as burdensome and unnecessary, such as using hand gestures instead of touching controls within the vehicle.

Over 80,000 car owners were polled about their brand-new 2020 vehicles. As far as the most wanted features go, some brands took the lead. Volvo was rated the highest, with its 2020 S60 R-Design. Touted as the perfect blend of luxury and practicality by reviewers, it boasts heated front seats and a heated steering wheel, four-zone climate control, otherworldly sound system, safety assist systems, adept forward collision mitigation, and LED headlights that maintain visibility at night. Fans of this model also fawn over the 360-degree camera view and the park assist pilot. The car comes in pretty steep at around $51,000 with all of the features.

The BMW X6 M is over twice as expensive as the Volvo, bringing the unique swoopy-roof to the foreground of luxury AI. The big feature is a connected cockpit of technology that is fully integrated with infotainment and safety measures. Smart car technology includes lane departure warning and active blind spot detection. The head-up display shows an M-shaped configuration of navigation, rev counter, and shift indicators, and the iDrive operating system communicates seamlessly with the brand’s Intelligent Personal Assistant. Much like google’s voice command, the driver can say hey, BMW to activate the interface to perform multiple tasks such as enabling the radio or head unit to be a display and controller for Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ compatibility.

The 2020 Cadillac CT5 is all about luxury, safety, and convenience. In addition to having illuminated door handles and doorsill inserts, automatic highbeams, front cornering lamps, and lane-keeping assist, there are also rear parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring, and power lumbar support for both the driver and front-seat passenger.