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Humanity is in the digital age, pushing technology forward further than ever before. Every industry must keep up with the changes or risk falling behind—even the automotive industry.

Emerging technologies have allowed the automobile industry to come up with new designs, models, and alternatives. These cars would not have been possible even a mere fifteen years ago. 

Yet, even more, the industry is still actively changing. Robotics, artificial intelligence, and loT have all changed the way people look at the industry, and it’s only just beginning. New trends are rising.

Going Electric

Electric and hybrid cars are already on the streets, but the demand is still there for more. With people taking the global warming threat seriously, the need to cut down and monitor carbon emissions is on the rise.

This, in turn, is causing a spike in demand for alternative energy, cars included. Due to both demand and government incentives, EVs will see a rise over the next decade. According to MarketWatch, sales of electric vehicles are expected to rise by up to 50%. 

Getting Connected

These days, even standard cars have what many would consider luxury items. The ability to connect to other devices  (cells, Bluetooth, navigation systems, etc.) has become increasingly popular – and expected.

While many people are still concerned about data collection and privacy, there are plenty who are still making demands. Medium noted that drivers are especially interested in technology that allows for updates on traffic, vehicle health updates, and parking accessibility. 

Autonomous Driving

Self-driving cars have been a dream since driving became commonplace. For a time, the idea seemed as fantastical as flying cars. Now, it’s only a matter of time before self-driving technology is perfected.

In the meantime, progress has allowed for many autonomous updates to be included in specific car models. 3D-LiDAR detects obstacles, helps prevent crashes, and even assists in parking. As with any new technology, this is only the beginning.

The Buying Experience

Even the car shopping experience has changed over the years. As a whole, people have steadily become more inclined to shop online, take advantage of digital events, and even have their cars delivered directly to their homes.

This trend is expected to pick up steam, with a little boost from current events, and gain full traction during the following years. Already digital shopping is exceedingly physical shopping in many industries. Once again, it is just a matter of time.