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When it comes to reaching for the American dream, there are certain things that all people deserve the right to have access to. One of these is reliable transportation. In the United States, it is against the law to drive a car without having a driver’s license, registration, and insurance card. 

One problem is that not everyone is guaranteed access to these things. Depending on the level of risk category you fall into, it may be impossible to get insurance. An underwriter is defined as any party who gets paid to evaluate a client’s risk levels and who agrees to assume financial responsibility in case of an incident or lack of payment. Without underwriters, it would be impossible for people to have the financial safety net backing. It drives the economy. While it is a necessary component of society, there are definitely at-risk groups who have a much harder time getting the stamp of approval.

The reason everyone should have access to insurance is tied directly to the ability to provide for one’s family and to have the independence to do so. In addition to the independence and dignity a person feels by being able to drive themselves to an appointment or job, there is also the matter of fulfilling a sense of purpose that comes from contributing to society as a whole. Sometimes a steady job can be threatened by inconsistent public transit schedules or overcrowding. 

As far as a person’s health is concerned, insurance provides a limit to how much out-of-pocket they will have to spend in the case of unforeseen medical emergencies. There are also regular proactive, preventative measures that are part of insurance plans such as dental checkups and annual physicals. These visits alone can prevent the escalation of a potentially harmful issue down the road. 

A person’s demographic or economic state shouldn’t have an impact on whether they get access to insurance, whether it’s life insurance, healthcare, or auto/home. When you are looking at a home that is burglarized or hit by an Act of God such as lightning, it’s a completely different scenario when it comes to rebuilding a life afterward, depending solely on whether the family was covered by insurance.